Quality management put to the test.

Quality management put to the test.

During our annual monitoring audit, the review of the effectiveness and maintenance of our management system was on the agenda.

As in previous years, Tobi supported us with his professional and friendly manner. His focus was on the planning, control, monitoring and continuous optimization of the business processes at MCG.

Our continuous project monitoring, annual management review and comprehensive internal audits ensure the continuous improvement process within the company.

For the scope "Personnel services, employee leasing in the industrial and technical sector, personnel management", the following objectives are generally the focus:

  • Determination of the conformity of the management system with the audit criteria.
  • Assessment of the management system's ability to ensure compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system in relation to the continuous fulfillment of the client's defined objectives.

We are pleased that the internal audit revealed many positive aspects that would not have required the formulation of potential improvements or deviations.

For us, this means continuing to do our best on a daily basis, to implement the processes optimally but also to constantly question whether there is potential for improvement in the future.

Successful preparation for the annual external monitoring audit in July.

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