3rd Peak Performer KidsCamp Regen - Lower Bavaria.

3rd Peak Performer KidsCamp Regen - Lower Bavaria.

3rd Peak Performer KidsCamp at Penzkofer Bau GmbH in Regen, Lower Bavaria.

The 3rd KidsCamp of the Peak Performer Foundation on 07. and 08. September 2022 was completely under the motto of the urgently needed key competences "craft and technology".

A better promoter, organizer and supporter than Penzkofer Bau GmbH could therefore not be found.

After an official welcome and a joint warm-up, the event got underway with welding, soldering and excavator driving. But also extraordinary sports stations were on the program, e.g. with Magdalena Neuner.

The Olympic champion and patron of the Peak Performer Foundation was on site with Fritz Fischer and a summer biathlon station.

Also there: professional cyclist and Tour de France stage winner Marcus Burghardt and Matthias Steiner. The weightlifter and Olympic gold medalist has himself completed an apprenticeship in the trades and was able to convey to the children in the best possible way how important it is to learn a practical trade. He was just as authentic in giving valuable tips on the subject of nutrition.

What is special about the concept of all Peak Performer Kids Camps is that, in addition to physical and technical components, the focus is also on inspiring the right mindset.

The two days were carried out with a lot of games, fun, diligence and sports by all participants. But the winners were again the children, who were all honored with a personal certificate and a medal for their achievements.

More information about the Peak Performer Foundation is available at: www.peak-performer-stiftung.de/


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