Employee retention.

Employee retention.

How do I retain good employees?

In what mood did you go to work today? And what thoughts did you have?

Were you satisfied, motivated and in a good mood? Then we can only congratulate you! Because you are not one of the hundreds of thousands of people in Germany who more or less "drag" themselves to work every day, "torture" themselves through the day and ask themselves the same question over and over again: Should I quit or would it be better to stay?

Various studies show that many German employees go to the office unmotivated and are not very enthusiastic about their job.

What counts are connections!

The biggest problem: the emotional bond is missing! The emotional connection of an employee to the company is the decisive factor.

If this bond is missing, initiative, sense of responsibility and willingness to perform will decrease.

A foosball table and daily fruit baskets can certainly support this, but they are only a few small starting points and aids in emotionalizing employees.

Appreciation and respect, encounters at eye level are just as much a part of this as recognizing, maintaining, promoting and developing the existing talents and abilities of employees and bringing them into line with the most diverse requirements, jobs and companies.

We see this as an essential key to success and ultimately a decisive competitive advantage.

This is the only way to retain and retain skilled workers!

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