Temporary employment - a real career opportunity

Temporary employment - a real career opportunity

Flexible and modern and thus an integral part of our economic system.
A real career opportunity for specialists and engineers.

Because the professional qualifications of the service providers in the technical industries are not doubted, the start is not a career killer, but a serious alternative.

The advantages for applicants are obvious with MCG clearly:

If you are new to the job market or want to change your career, you can use temporary employment with us as a career springboard.

If you look around on your own fist on the job market, you will quickly realize that the range of jobs on offer is huge. This selection can quickly overtax and an application process on the "normal" way is tedious and nerve-wracking.

As a specialist, we offer you the opportunity to quickly and easily integrate yourself into the company. If you want to commit yourself one day to a customer company, the chances are usually very good for a direct employment. A takeover, after some time of cooperation in our company, into a permanent position of the respective customer company, is expressly desired by us.

We regard this as a gentlemen's agreement and a win-win situation for all parties involved. A takeover of one of our employees into a permanent position with the customer represents the accolade for us. Then we did a good job!

Attractive earning opportunities at MCG.

We offer our employees unlimited employment contracts. Attractive and fair general conditions and collective agreements regulate salaries and working conditions at MCG. These regulations create trust and offer security for you as an employee and for us as an employer. Because temporary employment requires one thing in particular: motivated and satisfied employees.

As far as their rights are concerned, there is no difference to other permanent employees: They have the same entitlement to vacation, continued payment of wages in the event of illness and the statutory protection against dismissal also applies.

And so the modern temporary employment agency is actually only one thing:
A genuine Win Win situation for all involved ones.

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