2nd Peak Performer Kids Camp Brannenburg - Upper Bavaria.

2nd Peak Performer Kids Camp Brannenburg - Upper Bavaria.

Soccer, summer, biathlon - 2nd Peak Performer Kids Camp in Brannenburg.

On July 23/24, 2022, the second Kids Camp of the Peak Performer Foundation took place at the Sportpark in Brannenburg / Upper Bavaria.

Approximately 100 children between 10 and 15 years of age trained with real professionals (including Lars and Sven Bender, Magdalena Neuner, Tobias Angerer, Marcus Burghardt) and learned how to turn on the head even in sports to get ahead.

True to the motto: play, fun and real role models! Don't we need more of that?

We need people who develop the drive to achieve something.

We all learn through role models. What would our society be without real role models who show us what is possible?

They are an inspiration to us that it is worthwhile to want to get ahead. That achievement is worthwhile. That achievement is fun and gives us meaning. Our society of tomorrow needs top performers.

It's not about "breeding" the next Olympic champion or business leader, but about empowering children and young people to get ahead on their own - to show them that it's fun to achieve something.

This basic attitude toward achieving peak performance is not only the prerequisite for economic success, but can shape our society in all areas.

Peak Performer, the foundation for the promotion of top performers!
More about the Peak Performer Foundation at: https://bit.ly/3v9ldNv

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