The engine that drives us!

The engine that drives us!

The engine that drives us!

Diversity in the MCG working world.

We have been passionately recruiting engineers, technicians, specialists and managers for over 10 years now.

None of this would have been possible without our great employees.

Diversity among our clients as well as among our candidates and employees is our challenge and our success.

Over 25 nations have worked at MCG in recent years, are still working, have been placed or have found their #dreamjob with us - we are proud of this.

We would therefore like to express our special thanks and appreciation to all candidates and employees, regardless of their nationality or origin. You are doing a great job!

For us, diversity has many facets: regardless of gender, age, nationality or ethnic origin, physical or mental abilities, faith or religion, etc., all employees should have the same opportunities.

We will therefore continue to focus on diversity at MCG in the future, because we also see it as an opportunity in the changing new world of work.

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