Peak Performer 2021.

Peak Performer 2021.

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PEAK-PERFORMER Godfather 2021 - Matthias Steiner.

Matthias Steiner is a former German-Austrian professional weightlifting athlete who, despite his handicap of having type 1 diabetes, built an incredible career in high-performance sports that culminated in his Olympic victory in Beijing in 2008.

Meanwhile, Matthias is a fitness and nutrition entrepreneur, best-selling author and role model for all athletes with diabetes. In the meantime, Matthias has become an entrepreneur in the field of fitness and nutrition, best-selling author and role model for all athletes with diabetes.

PEAK-PERFORMER therefore supports this year the Mannheim association Kinderhospiz Sterntaler e. V., which is very close to Matthias Steiner's heart.

The association, founded in 2002, supports children with life-shortening illnesses and their families and accompanies them on their difficult journey. One of its tasks is to ensure the financing of inpatient and outpatient children's hospice work.

The check was handed over to Matthias and the foundation respectively by the two Peak Performer initiators Dr. Christian Grams and Manni Bender.

We are proud to be part of the Peak Performer network and to live up to our responsibility as a company in this respect as well.

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