More than just a job.

More than just a job.

More than just a #job. A #lifestyle!

Today, the company is more than just a place to earn money. We want to realize ourselves, prove ourselves, develop ideas, create sustainability, embody values, help shape the future, and much more. It's more than just a job - it's a way of life.

At MCG, we try to find out where your desires, passions and talents lie and which job can also be a way of life for you in the future. Our focus is on: #together and #together. This is the only way we can find out which position really suits you.

Our #network is characterized by close and long-standing #partnerships that have existed since the company was founded. For us, it's class that counts, not quantity! Because personal, individual support cannot be provided "on an assembly line" and "in bulk".

Many of our former employees, who have been taken on by companies or successfully placed, still keep in touch with us and come back to us again and again when planning their careers. After all, professional situations and requirements often change over the course of a lifetime and are just as individual as the people behind them.

If you too are looking for more than just a job, we look forward to hearing from you:

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