MCG - More than just a desk job!

MCG - More than just a desk job!

The focus is on the varied tasks.

What does a senior project manager for production equipment technology actually do? He cycles, at least currently!

Helmut supports our customer in the preparation of project plans, technical concepts, specifications and ensures that resource planning, scheduling and cost planning are adhered to in coordination with the specialist and main project managers.

"The support of current projects in the area of special machine construction for high-voltage battery systems and test benches for the battery systems of the well-known OEMs (BMW, AUDI, Porsche), are clearly in the focus", Helmut continues.

"My work does not only take place at my desk. I am also responsible for accompanying, setting up and commissioning the systems on site, together with suppliers and customers".

Currently Helmut can be found on the bike. He keeps himself fit by riding his racing bike until he can get going again.

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