let's go - pack ma´s

let's go - pack ma´s

Traditional MCG Wiesn-Herzerl action.

Every year we look forward to the 5th and (most beautiful?) season. Then it's finally O'zapft is again!

After 3 long years without Wiesn, Lebkuchen-Herzerl, pretzels, beer and fairground rides, this year it's finally starting again!

To get in the mood for all Wiesn fans, but also for all those who can't or don't want to go to the Wiesn, we have traditionally launched our MCG-Wiesn-Herzerl again. 

Every year we have the small delicacies baked and delivered fresh before the Wiesn for our customers, business partners and employees*. 

We wish you all a wonderful Wiesn or simply a lot of joy with our MCG-Herzerl.

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