1. Peak Performer Kids Camp Kitzingen - Unterfranken.

1. Peak Performer Kids Camp Kitzingen - Unterfranken.

Sports, games and excitement - 1st Peak Performer Kids Camp in Kitzingen.

The first 1st Peak Performer Kids Camp started yesterday in the iTWheel Arena in Kitzingen.

As patron of the event, Magdalena Neuner (one of the most successful German biathletes of all time) was also on site:

"Some people ask me why I of all people support the Peak Performer Foundation as a patron. It is really a subject close to my heart.
As a mother and former top athlete, I know that the development of our children is the most important thing of all. At the same time, one can rightly ask whether children really need to be top performers. Often, as adults, we would do well not to put even more pressure on our children.

Our work with children at the Peak Performer Foundation is therefore less about breeding Olympic champions and more about simply awakening the joy of achievement. So that children and young people feel the joy of accomplishing something under their own steam. To give them a basic attitude through play. At least that has helped me in life to get ahead.
And that's why I'm happy if you also support the Peak Performer Foundation."

During training exercises, soccer and basketball, the kids were allowed to learn from well-known professional athletes such as Sven and Lars Bender (professional soccer players). Matthias Steiner, Olympic weightlifting champion, vividly conveyed during the breaks how important and also delicious healthy nutrition can be.

A great day where the focus was on the children, sports, nutrition and "togetherness".


The Peak Performer Foundation was founded by more than 30 top performers in sports and business. We teach children the joy of performing and pass on the core values for achieving peak performance through play.
Together, we are the foundation for promoting the peak performers of tomorrow - for a self-determined, ambitious and progressive society of tomorrow.

Our values - The DNA of the Peak Performer Foundation:

We are convinced that in our increasingly digital world, personal exchange is becoming more and more valuable. Even our camps for children take place in small personal settings to give enough space for the development of interpersonal relationships.

We believe that an uncomplicated and relaxed atmosphere is the basis for good interaction. At a Peak Performer Foundation meeting, everyone can be who they are. A relaxed exchange with an Olympic champion is just as possible as a brief chat at eye level with a top manager. In this way, we want to create a climate in which learning is fun - without any fear of contact.

Unconditionally for each other
In today's society, cohesion depends on mutual commitment to one another. We believe in the principle of resonance: As one calls into the forest, so it resounds back again. We want to share this cornerstone for achieving top performance with children and young people.

The will to achieve is an integral part of our DNA. Achieving as one's own contribution to the greater whole. As a basic principle for achieving self-set goals. We are convinced that everyone can make progress through their own efforts. A top performance does not have to be the achievement of an Olympic medal. Whether a performance is peak depends on the individual person himself. However, a peak performer should never be the "lone peak". We want to inspire children and young people to try new things and to leave their own comfort zone.

If you want to know more about the Peak Performer Foundation or the Kids Camps, you can find more information here
-> https://bit.ly/39nPd0i

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